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Jennifer Ozgur

Founder and Owner of JenFormation




Leadership Styles


Jennifer is an Organizational Development & Change Management Consultant, Professional Development Designer & Facilitator, Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, Certified Trauma-Informed & Brain-Based Coach, Parenting Programming Creator, Columnist and Author.

Jennifer has combined her years of classroom experience with evidence-based practices to create informational and transformational experiences that uplift and inspire any workplace culture.

From crafting a collective vision, celebrating core values and strengths, to co-creating a dynamic inclusive plan everyone can embrace, your team will be energized around a shared purpose that achieves sustainable results.

Whatever aspirations you have for your organization, Jennifer and her team will provide a container of psychological safety that supports creativity, curiosity, and innovative design thinking so everyone will thrive. 

Experience and Clients Served

May 2017

September 2018

March 2020

August 2022

August 2005

September 2000

Due to heavy interest in her strengths-based design and facilitation skills, Jennifer steps away from the classroom to pursue consulting with corporations and larger educational organizations like the Southern Oregon Education Service District, the Arizona Bureau of Indian Education.

The quarantine from COVID-19 allows Jennifer to bring her dynamic strategies online to serve such institutions as the Head Start Association, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Governor of Pennsylvania.

Eager to expand her reach, Jennifer receives extensive training in Cleveland at Case Western Reserve to become an Appreciative Inquiry practitioner and begins designing and facilitating events for clients like the School District of Philadelphia and the YMCA.

Jennifer takes a professional sabbatical and publishes her children's book, One Million Kisses: The Promise of 153.  This story of promising to kiss your child a million times launches her parenting programming and professional development for educators.  

To further her knowledge base, Jennifer obtains her trauma-informed and brain-based certifications from Baltimore's The Children's Guild.

With the birth of her first child, Jennifer begins her journey of understanding neuroscience and how positive environments affect learning and overall well-being in both children and adults alike.

After completing her BSED, Jennifer began her career as an middle and high school English teacher for the Pennsylvania public school system.  While in the classroom, she built positive relationships with her students so that they might be challenged and feel supported.

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